Why Do Aliens Exist?

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There are mysteries throughout that world that are being solved that some of us may not know. If it is about space, science, or anything that one may think about we all wonder sometimes. “Do aliens exist?”, “How were dinosaurs created?”, “What came first the chicken or the gg?”, and so on. But what I have realized is that these are not the mysteries one should worry about. Throughout my childhood I always thought I would be happy everyday. I thought when I get the things I want I would be accomplished and happy, but I was wrong. It never occurred to me that having all this valuables would not give me happiness. I would try my best, but nothing in my mind would click. Days would go on where I would be stressed and depressed even nothing bad occurs. All I wanted to know was, “What creates Happiness?” because surely if I knew I would not be stressed in my life any more. I was not aware of myself with everything going on, but there was a switch that would alter my mood. When I bought my car, I thought life was going to change and I would enjoy life a lot more. The next day when I woke up...
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