Why Did Rosa Parks Use Of Courage Essay

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1369 words

There are so many figures in our world's history that we take for granted, such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Galileo Galilei, and Moses. All of these people worked for different causes and had different goals, but they all used courage to help them reach their goals or go against a society that believed in a specific idea. For example, Galileo, a scientist and engineer who lived in the 16th and 17th century went against the church's belief on the key concepts of science. Though this may not sound like a big deal, at this time, people were as much as executed for thinking otherwise. Galileo possessed courage to go against the church and come up with new concepts. Today, many concepts of science were discovered by Galileo. Although …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Quotes kelley kalafatich's tedtalk, "living with courage: embracing fear to follow your heart."
  • Narrates how they used courage to perform in front of a large crowd when they were ten years old. when they heard their name called to enter the room, their body froze.
  • Describes how they worried about making a mistake at home, but if they made it in front of an audience, they'd have to continue playing. the day came for the recital, and everyone around them could see how nervous they were.
  • Analyzes how jacqui, the main character in bethany wiggins' "cured", uses courage to survive in the story's treacherous and dangerous setting.
  • Analyzes how rosa parks used courage to spark a movement that altered our country's history.
  • Opines that without courage, our world would be less advanced, and segregation would still exist. fortunately, society does have courage and that's why we've become so advanced.

On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks got on the bus as usual. When a white person wanted her to get up, she refused without using force. She sat there and did not budge until the police came. To do this was easier said than done. Take into consideration what could've happened. Parks could've been hurt very badly because segregation was legal. Rosa Parks, however, ignored these possibilities and took action. Rosa's courage started a movement for civil rights. Shortly after her action, blacks began a bus boycott, which resulted in new laws to be passed, slowly giving them equality like they deserved. If Rosa Parks hadn't done this, though, none of this would've occurred. It would've been another day and Rosa would simply leave her seat to allow a white person to sit there. Our country might still be segregated and blacks wouldn't have the same rights as everyone else. To get action done, Rosa needed to show her courage. She needed to be bold and take risks. She used her courage to make a change, a change that would affect every single person around our country. Rosa Parks clearly needed to use courage on that bus in

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