Why Did I Choose Penn?

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It’s late at night and I am slaving away on my computer finding my perfect school. The search so far has been redundant. Another glance at the prospective colleges list and my heart skips a beat: University of Pennsylvania, I read. My mouth instantly goes dry. All the usual words come into my mind: it’s an Ivy, inaccessible, remote, impersonal, unachievable .Certainly not my type of college. Reluctantly, I log on to the website and I am in shock. Here before me is a world completely different from what I expected: it’s interactive, diverse and exciting. It is exactly what I am looking for. The Wharton school is all that I have ever wanted and more. The prospect of going beyond the classroom and learning through real world interactions has always fascinated me. At Penn, I can learn Finance and Accounting through case studies, computer simulations and Wharton entrepreneurship programs. My first experience of an internship in the world of finance in high school has been thoroughly enjoyable and I hope to have many more of these experiences at Wharton. The prospect of developing close a...
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