Why Did Andrew Jackson Give Birth To The Seventh President?

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Andrew Jackson was born March 15th, 1767 to Andrew and Elizabeth “Betty” Jackson. Jackson’s parents are suspected to have landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when they came to America in 1765. They would have then traveled through the Appalachian Mountains to the Scot-Irish community in the Waxhaw region on the border of North and South Carolina. Though the exact location still remains a dispute, there are many theories as to where Elizabeth gave birth to the seventh president. Some believe Mrs. Elizabeth stopped to visit her sister, Mrs. Margaret McCamie, in what is now Union County, North Carolina, where she suddenly went into labor. However, other historians believe Elizabeth gave birth to Andrew when she moved in with another sister, Jane Crawford, in present day Lancaster County, South Carolina, after burying her husband three weeks prior. Although where he was born still remains a dispute today,…show more content…
At the age of thirteen, he signed up to help the American militia during the American Revolution, along with his brothers Hugh and Robert Jackson. Andrew Jackson worked as a courier, taking messages between troops and leaders. Following the Battle of Stono Ferry in 1779, Jackson’s older brother, Hugh, died of heatstroke. The following year, Jackson began traveling with the troops and participated in the Battle of Hanging Rock. In 1781, Jackson and his brother Robert were captured by British troops. Jackson was wounded and nearly killed by a British officer because he refused to clean the mud from the officer’s boots. Both Jackson and his brother contracted smallpox while being held prisoners of war. Shortly after their release, Robert did not recover and died two days after returning home. Andrew Jackson’s mother, Elizabeth Jackson, volunteered to nurse prisoners of war. In November of 1871, Elizabeth contracted cholera and died. The Revolutionary War had claimed every immediate family member Jackson had, leaving him an orphan at the age of
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