Why Did Adolf Hitler Hate the Jews?

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Why does Adolf Hitler hate the Jews? This question has been asked thousands of time. Over 6 million people died. In this essay, you will find out the reasons behind Hitler’s evil hatreds. Many reasons have come up from many people from around the world. For many days researching for reasons, Hitler was a very evil person but also an innocent one. According to the professor name David Cesarani said ‘’The Nazis weren’t the only people who hated the Jews during the 20th. But according to the Adolf Hitler’s book ‘’Mein Kampf’’ (My Struggle), his hatred of the Jewish people was influenced by Dr.Karl Lueger and the Christian Social Party. These are the reasons why Hitler hate the Jewish people, but what really happened to Hitler and the Germans? You will find out more in this essay.

In the history of the World War II, Hitler and the Nazi were the most famous history and also the most horrible history in the world. A professor name David Cesarani had told that the Nazi weren’t the only people hated the Jews during the 20th, there is a conflict between Judaism and Christianity, a lots of conflict between two of the religion. They believed that the Jews had grabbed to much economic influence. What makes they hate the Jew because they believed that they were intrusive too much politics and culture. They believed that the Jews were biologically and racially distinct and that there was a kind of biological struggle for dominance over the entire human race between the Jews and everybody else. At the final, Mr. Cesarani concluded this wasn’t something that could be solved through religious debate and argument, the conversation of the Jews.

However, according to a website Holocaust History had mention when Hitler hated the Jews, he blame...

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...ermany, to have his power and to be the most evil dictator in the whole World War II history. About 6 million people died and most of them where the Jewish people.

To conclude this essay, Adolf Hitler had many reasons why he hate the Jews, most of the reasons was about the government which is they are too intrusive on Germany’s politics and culture. Hitler and the Nazis believed that the Jews were a kind of biological struggle. In the Adolf Hitler’s he wrote that he’s hatred was influenced by Dr. Karl Lueger and the Christian Social Party. This is because there is a war between Christian and Judaism. And after all Hitler wasn’t the most horrible dictator in Germany he mentions by his words says that he was convinced. No one actually really knows the reasons why did Hitler hate the Jews but these are the reasons that Hitler want to remove the Jews out of Germany.
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