Why Did Adolf Hitler Able To Make Powerful Speech

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After years of Germany’s torment caused by the Treaty of Versailles, an infamous leader named Adolf Hitler arose, giving the people of Germany hope. When the Great War was over, Germany was blamed for it and was forced into agreeing to harsh terms. Germany was in massive debt and was falling to pieces because of the war. Adolf Hitler saw this as his chance and took control. Once the previous president of Germany, Paul von Hindenburg, died, Hitler took office. Through Hitler’s oratory skills and the giving of hope, Germany was finally coming out of the ashes. Hitler took advantage of Germany’s anger to help him gain more power. The people needed hope and he was the one to give it. First of all, Hitler blamed the Treaty of Versailles for everything. He said that it was the previous leaders of Germany that had caused the war, not the people of Germany. This gave the people a renewed sense of revenge and pride to make Germany great again. Secondly, the people were in need of hope. With the Great Depression reaching Europe and the massive debt caused by the Treaty of Versailles, the people lost all hope to make things right. When Hitler rose to…show more content…
Hitler could use his oratory skills to motivate people and make himself sound correct. First of all, he was a passionate speaker and he made himself sound glorious and amazing. Many personal accounts say that he was always kind and would play with kids. The Germans thought he was the “savior” of Germany. Then, he began to speak about how the Jews were the cause of financial collapse. Everyone began to believe it because of Hitler’s way with words. The relationship between the Jews and Hitler gradually became harsher. Lastly, Hitler spoke of a word called “Volk.” This word was used as a resemblance of German unity. It was the heart, soul, and bloodline of the German people. It is what Hitler used to unify the people and made them join

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