Why Consumers Purchase Organic Foods

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2.1 Introduction

This chapter was discussed about the overview of organic foods purchase intention that might affect purchasing of organic food among ASTRO staffs. In order to identify why consumers purchase the organic foods, research come out with a few factors that really influence the consumers to purchase the organic foods. The factors such as consumer attitude, environmental consciousness, safety and health aspect, knowledge and quality of organic foods will influence the purchase intention among ASTRO staffs. Besides that, demographic characteristic will support to identify what type of ASTRO staffs who purchase organic foods in their daily life. Moreover, the type of organic foods that most likely purchased by ASTRO staffs will determine in this study. Lastly, based on the research questions, research objectives and also hypothesis a theoretical framework was constructed based on the independent variables.

2.2 Consumer attitude towards buying organic food

According to (Blackwell et all. 2003) attitudes come in many shapes and forms. For example, attitude toward a behavior which is an evaluation of performing a particular behavior involving the attitude object, such as buying organic food. A study was conducted by de Magistris and Gracia (2008) with the title of organic purchase behavior of Italian consumers. From this study, they found that consumer’s attitudes towards organic food, in particular towards the health attributes and the environment are the most factors explaining the organic food purchase. This study concludes that the intention of purchase of organic food depends on the consumer’s attitude and the organic product knowledge. Furthermore, organic food products purchase...

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...o encourage by our government. Organic foods are one of a green product category. In order to identify why people like to purchase organic food, few factors will support for the research. The attitude of consumers toward organic foods, the environment consciousness, safety and health aspect, the knowledge of the organic food among consumers, and also the perception of quality on organic food among consumers will support this research to identify the factors influence the purchase intention. However, in order to identify which type of ASTRO staffs are purchase the organic foods, the socio demographic factors such as age, marital status, education and income of ASTRO staffs will be focus in this research. Besides that, in order to determine what types of organic foods most likely purchased by ASTRO, few types of organic foods will be consider in this research.
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