Why College Students Should Students Go To College

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At least “50% of entering college students” are undecided about their future careers. This fact informs the community about how high school graduates go to college without an intended major. Should a student go into college without having an idea of a future career? Many individuals question whether their child should go to college right after high school or to wait a couple semesters or years. Alternatively, national statistics state that at least “70.1 percent of new graduates” head to college right after high school (Norris). This data indicates how normal it is for students to begin their secondary education following the completion of high school. Many people have different beliefs about how to pursue their college education. In addition,…show more content…
Many students go into college undecided, having no idea of what they want to do while wasting time and money. Students who go to college undecided spend an average “$9,139 per year in tuition alone” at an in-state, four-year public university (Uebel). This depicts students attempting to attend school not because they have an idea of their intended career, but it shows what students are expected to do. These students are spending money on classes, possibly not needed for their future career. Students should have the chance to look into various majors. This will help students to take classes corresponding with their future career. Not only are students wasting money, they are also wasting time. The students who are just taking core classes can be researching and exploring multiple majors, but instead are focusing on classes that may not be needed. Students who are knowledgeable of their future career are more likely not to waste time. They know the classes they need to take and focus only on that particular class, this is why it is, “important to be prepared” (Morgan). Aria Morgan explains how students who prepare themselves will have a smooth experience in college, once they get

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