Why College Education Is Worth The Investment?

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In today’s world, many will argue that going to college isn’t necessary and others will say it’s a necessity. There are many people who don’t have a college degree and manage to succeed in life, but nowadays it’s definitely important. There is so much competition to get hired and people are now required to have a bachelor’s. At least, they give you priority if they see you have an education. Many people think that having a degree is worthless because of the debt that you may go into; but that degree will help you have a better future. Having a college degree is worth the investment if it’s important to you. Education should never be a privilege for the few, but a basic right for all who want to better themselves. A reason why people choose…show more content…
Not only are you well educated your possibilities expand when having a degree. The article ‘Education is Worth the Investment’ states that “College graduates are also more likely to be employed full-time than their less-educated counterparts, and are less likely to be unemployed, 4 percent versus 12 percent, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center” ( Lowe). College is what you want to make it out of. It can be worth the experience because you get to network with other people and also meet new friends. Waking up every day is a different experience where you get to discover yourself and wake up new passions you never thought you had before. Everyone’s college experience is different. It’s up to you to make it memorable. Also, going to college increases your chances of getting a job. In the article “Is College Worth Going into Debt For?” States that “If your intention is to study something that you are passionate about and have new experiences that will increase your social and economic opportunities, college is probably worth the cost; you’ll just need to decide which college is the best fit for you and your budget”(Alder). Pursuing a degree that you’re passionate about is always worth it no matter who thinks otherwise. Many people will tell you that you will go in debt for a “worthless degree” but getting a degree is never worthless if you work hard to get where you want to be, it will be worth it. A lot of people will try to discourage you because they have their own perception of things that doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. It just means that you should attend college because it’s a goal of yours to
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