Why Change IPads To Windows Tablets

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Imagine buying a goat for $500 instead of buying a horse for $300, when you need to win a horse race. You can do more with a horse than a goat, but you spend more for the goat than the horse when you need to win a race. That is what this school is doing with iPads, they are spending too much money on iPads when they don't do as much as Windows Tablets that is better for education. Some people may think that just because iPads and Apple is more famous and more used that it is better. That is why the school chose IPads. They decided on the most popular tablet there is instead of choosing what was the best for education. We'll they are wrong. The reasons we need to Change from iPads to windows tablets they cost less money, windows tablets can use USB ports, and windows has multiple accounts. One reason we need to change iPads to Windows tablets is the price. Jason Cheney a computer support technician, said " the IPads we bought were $350"(Dec 16). Windows tablets on the other hand is only $69.99 for students(Gale, Dec 14). That includes chargers and cases(Gale, Dec14). On top of that, iPads can not even do a lot of things that Windows Tablets can do. Just think about the money we could save. We could use that money for more field trips that could also teach us stuff. We could also give the teachers better supplies for school so that the students can learn more. Some people might say that since we already have iPads why change to Windows Tablets. Well to those people I would say that the school would sell the iPads make some money and get us Windows Tablets. A claim we have to change from iPads to Windows tablets is for the USB ports, kids could easily carr... ... middle of paper ... ...e a family account so their family (like little brothers and sisters) will not mess with their schoolwork. having several accounts is easy all you need is a Microsoft account and you can access your hotmail said Doug Drinkwater the International Editor of Tabtimes (Drinkwater). The students would like it, why not. Those are the reasons we have to change iPads to windows tablets. The they are cheaper they have USB ports, and windows tablets have more accounts than one. We know that windows tablets will enhance our learning abilities. Also that will help the students stay on the task at the moment. We need to stop buying goats and and get the horses. Windows Tablets will make our education better and work easier and will eliminate stress for students and teachers guaranteed! So get rid of the iPads and buy Windows 8.1 Surface Pro Tablets!
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