Why Bullies Bully?

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Bullying is of the main issues in today’s society and many times its effects are greatly underestimated. One may encounter bullying everywhere for example in schools, on workplace or even online; where it is called cyber bullying. Statistically it is inevitable for one to grow up and not experience any bullying whether on oneself or on other person. For many years, psychologists are trying to find out the trigger, which leads one to be an aggressor and begin to bully others. Causes for being and aggressor are various, but mainly bullies happen to have a background of dysfunctional family, feeling of being inferior and last but not least, there is often pressure of peers involved.
Background of dysfunctional family can have deeper and more severe effect on child than parents might admit. For instance, if name calling and physical abuse is on regular basis at home, child will consider this ordinary and will apply this “formula” on his peers or later on, on his own children. Furthermore, parents tend to not have in mind, the consequences of their actions. For example, if there happens to be fight whether verbal or physical, there are only two actions, that child might take. First one is fight back, whether it means execute a physical counter attack, or informing a third party adult, usually a teacher, a grandparent or an organization engaged in such matters. Second action that child might do is subdue, get accustomed to it and accept thing the way they are. Nevertheless, both actions are undesired.
The way how bullies choose their targets for bullying often signifies their fear of being considered inferior. Victims of bully generally has one simple different characteristic, usually so significant making them distinguish from his p...

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...d most certainly will lead to more and more brutal and ruthless means.
To sum it up, bullies are actually the victims. Victims of their own closed mind and intellectual backwardness. Due to their faulty family backgrounds, intellectual deficit and pressure by peers, they do not know how to act and deal with situations they happen to find themselves in, and because of that, they will try to attract attention by bullying others. To prevent bullying in society, firstly we must raise the awareness of effects of bullying, only after then we can start treating the society, step by step. Also encouraging people to report bullying to supervisors and punish supervisors if they will act reluctantly. Furthermore, if anybody will stand up for bullied one, the bully will have to back down. If we should simplify it, the only thing keeping bullying happening is fear and laziness.
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