Why Australia Needed to Learn Asian Languages

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English is one of the most prestigious languages in the world, many countries including china, Singapore and Indonesia just to name a few, tend to learn English to develop their economic levels. Moreover to this Australia also need to learn Asian languages to enrich their security level, economic and cultural communication. Throughout this text two articles written by Jeffrey Gil and Deborah Henderson explores complex ideas and debates to why Australia need to learn Asian languages.
In order for Australia to enhance their economic level they need to learn Asian languages to purse its benefits with Asia on all ranks and across all spheres. As Gil states “adding English to their existing linguistic repertoires will allow such bi/multilingual people to compete for any employment or other opportunity for which English is a requirement, as well as those…. In other languages is requirement” this emphasises that Asian countries are continuously learning English to develop their economic level therefore in order for Australia to have a good affiliation with Asian countries (neighbourhood countries) or to remain a prosperous nation, Australia need to learn Asian languages. Thus this would enhance Australian economy. However the issue to this situation in the article by emphasises there is a mass of fund going towards educating student to learn Asian languages but there isn’t many teachers teaching students. Contrastingly Henderson’s Article stated that in 2002/3 $ 120 million was funded to NALSAS by the government Howard to help improve educating facilities in regards to learning Asian languages. Thus this highlights that Australia is trying to create policies to help students learn Asian languages, in order to improve Australia’s future economic.
Furthermore Australia need to have a good relationship with Asian countries to strengthen their security, therefore Australia needs to learn Asian languages so they can communicate to affiliate and to strengthen their security and help each other when they are in need e.g. war. For example in Henderson Article (ASAA, 2002, p.xvi) stated that “reposition, extend and deepen its Asia knowledge in ways that will enhance security, prosperity and cultural communication”. In comparison Gil also stated “... Australia will need to seriously study Asian languages and cultures….” Both texts exemplifies that Australia need to learn Asian languages to have a good bond to maintain a good security.
In addition, Asian countries are learning English language to develop their affiliation with other countries, strengthen cultural communication and to improve their economic level, it is therefore significant for Australia to also learn Asian languages as this would enable Australia to learn several languages, prevent being left behind and have a good knowledge of what is happening around the world.
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