Why Are You Doing This?

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“Why are you doing this? Why! What for? Go to Victoria Falls or do something else, but not this...”, I said I am doing this for fun. Her eyes were wide open, she was looking at me with disbelief in her eyes. After she realized that I was not backing down she said “Okay, Good luck!” and walked away. These were the harsh words coming from a concerned lady that was standing next to me as I was getting ready to abseil off the world 's original highest commercial abseil in Table mountain. It is 112 meters long. Do I blame the lady for her concern ? My answer is No! I have seen people abseiling before and I thought they were crazy I 'm pretty sure the lady thought I was crazy too! Why would I do something so dangerous? Not in a million years did I ever think of doing this, and yet here I was at the top of Table mountain getting ready to abseil... but shh... I was not ready at all... I was very, very scared. There were two other people who were also taking part. The instructor demonstrated to us how we were going to abseil. As he was busy explaining I kept on looking down the mountain thinking to myself what if something goes wrong ! What if the rope breaks! What if I die!! The only words I heard from the instructor was ' use your strong hand! Feed the rope ', the rest I can 't tell. I was not listening. By the time he finished with the briefing I already made up my mind that I am not going down that rope. The nerves started to hit me. I finished the whole slab of a chocolate I had within a short period of time. My colleague and the other two people were looking relaxed about this 'adventure '. To me this was not an adventurer, it was a life gambling game. The ropes were tied around our waists so we can climb down the rocks to the... ... middle of paper ... ...owly because I wanted to stay longer. I was just enjoying myself. We hiked back to Table mountain. It was my first time to hike but I did it as if I 've been doing it for years. I enjoyed every moment of it. When I reached at top. I had so much Joy, I shouted I did it!!!! ' I did it for the first time. I am probably the first one in my family to do this. Getting back to the top I was hoping to see the woman that was very concerned ! I wanted to tell her that if I can do it she can do it too!! Nothing is impossible. The instructors did a great a job. They gave me an assurance that I am in safe hands. They know how to make uncomfortable situations to comfortable ones. As they say there 's always a first time for everything. This was my first time to abseil and I did with pride. If Cindy can do this you can do it too. See you on the other side of table mountain!!
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