Why Are Managers Important

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Explain why managers are important to organizations. Managers are important to organizations for their managerial skills and abilities. Managers are needed to identify critical issues and quick responses. Another reason for their importance is their ability to get things done. They overlook other employees to ensure everyone is doing their job. Managers do matter for organizations. Managers matter with the way they interact with direct supervisors, also the way the organization is run has a major effect by the managers that are involved. Managers can affect the loyalty of the employees, along with performance levels. They have a major influence of success or failure in an organization.
Tell who managers are and where they work. Managers
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University of management, the reality of work, and the rewards and challenges are why we study management to understand what it entails. University of management is when managers are needed in all types of organizations and companies. All of these areas, managers must plan, organize, lead and control. Managers are needed in every type of work since they are managing the employees. The reality of work is explaining that either we will work for a manager or be the managers. Everywhere we go management is involved in the work place. There are rewards of being a manager. Their rewards involved creating a work environment so employees can work with the best efficiency. Management helps find meaning for the employees to do their jobs. There are challenges to any job, for management this job may be thankless. Along with spending hours in meetings or having constant interruptions. Mangers also have to deal with limited resources such as money, time, and other things determined by the company they work…show more content…
Some of these external factors are economic, demographic, and environmental. The economic environment includes interest rates, income, stock markets. Recessions really affect this external factor changing the way people spend and what companies need to do to stay running. Demographics have to do with the trends in the population. These trends could be studying the characteristics of the ages such as the baby boomers, the post-millennials, and gen-y. These populations have a major influence with how to manage companies to stay up to date with their company goals. There are political challenges that could change laws and the way certain thing need to be run. It is important for managers to stay on top of the new regulations that are coming in and could change the way that they work. There is a sociocultural component that has to do with values, beliefs, and traditions. Seeing the differences in what the customers believe can change the way managers manage their people. There is also technology which has affected every company. Staying up to date with the latest technologies can help stay in contact with all employees. Finally there is a global component which has to do with the world

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