Why America's Capitalist System Is Failing

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Why America's Capitalist System Is Failing

The American capitalist system works in a way that enables a small percentage of the population to live in utmost comfort with a large percentage of the country’s money and power. The majority of them get to this position through affiliation, and the lesser of them contrastingly through many years of hard work and struggle through a system that forces assimilation prior to incorporation. The majority of the population either lingers in the middle-class working for big businesses, whose ethical role in society they have no say in, or own a business that puts the responsibility of the lives of several shareholders in their hands. The remainder of society lives off of these people; cleaning, cooking, or serving for them. The only difference between this economic system and the old caste system in India is that the Americans can move between castes only by denying their moral beliefs.

Take, for example, the current president George Bush; his business skills did not permit his original business endeavors to succeed. He was actually a drunken party-boy, until the expectations to live up to his family name pressed him to seek success. Despite his disqualifications, the Bush name enabled him to overcome his bad investments and eventually receive a well-paying office job that required little of him. In contrast to a man that came from a less-renowned family, this young man’s lack of characteristics that generally evoke succe...

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