Why ANZAC day should never be forgotten

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Anzac day is part of Australia, its history, its nationhood and its people. From the day the 1st AIF (Australian Imperial Force) was created in WW1 to now in 2008 with the war in Iraq. Australia has proved herself time and time again to the world by showing the true bravery of her people. Australia is a young nation and only underwent federation in 1901 and 14 years later faced a major crisis. The July Crisis of 1914 where a 19 year old terrorist, a member of the “black hand” a Serbian terrorist organisation, shot at point blank range Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife while they were on a visit to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. This ignited the fuse of one of the deadliest wars that the earth has ever seen. The Austro-Hungarian Empire took this as a chance to declare war on Serbia. Germany backed up the Austro-Hungarian’s decision and almost forced them to declare war quickly on Serbia, which Austro- Hungary did. Russia began to mobilise her army’s to aid in Serbia’s defence. Germany in fear of encirclement by allied forces began to activate “the Schiliffen Plan” in which Germany forced its way around France through Belgium. When Germany attacked Belgium, England which had a treaty signed with Belgium began to mobilise her ships. This is when Australia received the call of duty from Europe. People began to rejoice and enlistment started immediately with a vast number of people signing up within days the 1st AIF was raised and equipment was bought. Australia gave control of the unit and its Navy over to England and it was decided after the troops were trained that they were to be deployed to Cairo where they underwent more training for harsher climates. Looking at the diary entries of these young men in the AIF you can understand that they were eager to look out for one another and ready for the attack and all were in high spirits and happy the night before the tragic landing. Some people say that here is where Australia underwent its “baptism by fire” and learnt through the harshness and hell of war about being a nation and a united people. Many were killed in the tragic landing but besides this A.N.Z.A.C troops were harsh, quick and brutal as soon as they scrambled up the beach head began to make a bold and courageous charge at the enemy bayonets sharpened and at the ready.

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