Who’s The Best Rapper? Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas

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The novel Who’s the Best Rapper Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas confronts, head on, the issues that individuals involved in hip-hop culture endure. The author, Ronald Crawford, wrote this book with the intention of reaching an audience of people that do not have the resources or motivation to read. As a psychologist and hip-hop lover Ronald Crawford felt it was a necessity to reach as many people as possible with information pertaining to the betterment of youth and adults in hip hop culture. In doing so he wrote a book with relevant and controversial subject matter to attract that particular audience in. Ronald Crawford utilizes his book as a platform for reviving the origins of hip hop. In it he demonstrates the proper way of listening to rap music, allowing the audience to better understand and chose who the best rapper may be.
In discussing who the better rapper is between Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas, Ronald digs deeper into the roots of hip hop and also educates his audience about the authenticity and historical importance of rap. His goals are to provide his audience with knowledge about the intersectionalities that each rapper confronts as well as understanding the perfect technique utilized in delivering their music. Ronald Crawford also wishes to challenge the misconceptions and misunderstandings of rap by using the actual lyrics of the chosen rappers and demonstrating their lyrical intelligence. Ultimately, the author wishes to help the youth read at a more advanced level because if they are highly skilled with reading that may possibly manifest in them making more constructive choices with their lives.

Conversely, Crawford wrote this book as an opportunity to confront his own personal insecurities in writing. It was a way for him to ...

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... He also acknowledges the impeccable metaphoric ability that Nas possesses when writing his rhymes. But overall, although Nas would be exceptionally high on Crawford’s list of favorite rappers, he would not be number one.
By sculpting his outreach for urban youth and adults through literature, Ronald Crawford will certainly be reaching masses of individuals. His motivations for creating this book manifest itself throughout every chapter. And those reasons are extremely salient. Among B.I.G., Nas, and Jay-Z Ronald Crawford mentions his other favorites such as Rakim and Eminem. The author specifically discusses the issues pertaining to the urban streets of Philadelphia and how he aspires to better them, and through this book Who’s the Best Rapper he has done his part in contributing to the betterment of not only that community but countless amounts of individuals.

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