Who's Father And His Father In The Night, By Jonathan Smith

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Night book report By Jonathan Smith The book night by Eliezer Wiesel is a memoir about a teenager who survives the holocaust. Eliezer starts the book of as an innocent teenager who is very into his religion and changes dramatically during the book. From a young kid to a forced to become an adult or die. Eliezer has a family in the beginning of the book but he is separated from everyone except his father Shiomo. Shiomo is a religious leader throughout the Jewish community. He did not have a good relationship with his family because he was not home often. He was always helping other people. Eliezer and his fathers’ relationship is very complicated, but changes throughout the memoir. Eliezer doesn’t die in the memoir but his innocence does early…show more content…
Eliezer’s dad was so occupied with the Jewish community and wasn’t really involved with his family. Once they are separated from their family at selection, they realize that all they have are each other. Toward the end of the memoir when Eliezer’s dad becomes ill people question him because he’s sharing his rations and well as attending to his very ill father. Telling him to take his father’s rations and let him die. Eliezer doesn’t listen and continues to tend to his father because of how they came together. He knew that if he let his father die there would be nothing else to live for. When Eliezer father dies at the end, Eliezer says something that shows how much his father meant to him. He says, “I remained in Buchenwald until April 11. I shall not describe my life during that period. It no longer mattered. Since my father’s death, nothing mattered to me anymore.” (pg. 113, night) I would have done the same. I would have done everything I could to help my father survive. I think the reason that Eliezer held on to his father for so long, knowing that his days were numbered, was because his dad was the last piece of family that he had. Shiomo was the last person in his life that was connected to him from his childhood. I believe that part of Eliezer died when his father died. That’s the person he fought with. That’s the reason to he kept on going in the dangerous…show more content…
His hope was crushed out of him. He doubted if god was with him. He lost his entire family. A person who has to deal with that type of trauma at such a young age is incredible. I would definitely recommend this book to others especially people who take things for granted, or don’t appreciate what they have. There are a lot of themes that the book night present. The theme that I saw was the fact that Eliezer was stripped of his identity of an innocent child. His head was shaved he was given a number instead of a name. His identity when he enters the concentration camp is a child. When he leaves what is Eliezer? He is a person who’s seen things that he probably wants to un-see. He says towards the end of the book that he’s face look of a corpse. What I think he meant bye that is his body is living but his soul has
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