Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

For this book talk, I read an Edward Albee's play, "Who's

Afraid of Virginia Woolf." I saw the movie version of this book,

which I found excellent, so it inspired me to read the book.

The book begins when George, who is an associate

professor of a New England college, and Martha, who is the

daughter of the college professor comes home after a faculty

party. Although it is well after midnight and they are heavily

drunk, Martha invites another couple, Nick who is a new and young

professor in the college, and his wife Honey. The two couples

continue drinking at the living room of George and Martha's

house, and Martha starts complaining about George. She reveals

George's failure to advance in the college even if he has an

advantage as the son-in-law of the president. George tries to

revenge by telling Martha's weaknesses to the guests, and the

fight becomes impossible to stop making the new couple who tries

to stay detached also become caught up in it. As the fight goes

on and they become more drunk, Martha comes to mention about

George and she's imaginary son, who has been a secret between

them and a forbidden topic to tell others. Nick also tells their

painful secret that he married Honey because she thought she was

pregnant but that it turned out to be false. When everyone is

tired and humiliated as a result, George, who was very angry

about Martha's mentioning his son to the guests, he decides to

tell something that will change their lives forever as a final

revenge, and then the party comes to an end.

The main theme of the book is the sadness and

difficulties of the adult life. In the story, George and Martha

cannot have a child because either of them is impotent, so they

had to make up an imaginary son. Here's a quotation about their

son form Martha. QUOTATION(p219) Martha's this description about

him shows how much they cared for him and wanted the real one.

Furthermore, they constantly fight with each other for trivial

subjects even though they really want to communicate more

seriously and understand deeper. The difference between their

view of life also worsens their marriage because Martha always

expects George to be more ambitious while George does not
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