Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf by Edward Albee

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History of the Drama
Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf is famous absurd play written by Edward Albee. It was first performed on ocatobar in New York and it won the New York drama critics Circle award and the Tony Award for the season 1962-63 season. In American society it bought the major shakeup which was yet to be seen in the future. In the late 1960s economically as well as socially America was being homogenized through cold war, planned suburbs and fast food culture. Different voices like Albee came to the world in the late 1960s.

Auther Biography
Edward Albee is numbered among the most acclaimed and controversial playwrights of the United states. Albee was born on March12 , 1928. He was the adopted son of Frances Albee and Reed. In the early childhood he had an introduction to the theatre and even he bagan attending theatre performances.Albee attented many private and military schools and briefly enrolled at connecticuts Trinity college. After education he held a variety of jobs for some next decades. He worked as a writer for WNYC-radio, an office boy for an advertising agency and a record salesman too.Albee achieved only limited success so at the age of thirty He returned to writing plays and made an huge impact on society with his ona act THE ZOO STORY (1959). Albee launched his career after the success of THE ZOO STORY and after that he became more famous with his play WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?, A DELICATE BALANCE and THREE TALL WOMEN.

Edward Albee’s drama who”s afraid of Virginia woolf? is not areal drama of absurd but still we can capture some elements of an absurd drama in it.The play is combination of a realistic as well as absurd drama. IT blends elements of taa...

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... express the senselessness of the human condition, abandons the use of rational devices and thought and the latter follows the tradition of the well-made play employing logically constructed reasoning and wholly consistent characters .
One of its aspects is satire; it criticizes the absurdity of lives lived unaware and unconscious of ultimate reality and the deadness and mechanical senselessness of half-conscious lives. Its goal is to make people aware of "man's precarious and mysterious position in the universe. It is not concerned with ideological considerations or heroic deeds but with a man’s "descent into the depths of his personality, his dreams, fantasies and nightmare .The Theatre of the Absurd is a theatre of situation asagainst a theatre of events in sequence. It does not employ psychology, subtlety of characterization and plot in the conventional sense.