Whole Foods Market Analysis

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Whole foods market is a health-driven large store within the food businesses that is aimed at capitalizing a profitable opportunity to create better health for the consumers. The products are healthy and nutritional. The market was started in Austin Texas back in 1980 with 19 people and currently the company is one of the largest company producing natural foods. The firm has created a healthy conscious environment and sustainable lifestyle for the consumers. The organization of the whole organic and natural foods has supported the health and well-being of the suppliers and the communities (Freschi, 2016).
The Whole foods have created high purpose goals which will support the consumers and the local communities. It has come up with programs
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The whole food market is one of the leading companies and has over 480 stores in the United States and Canada. Competition in this marketplace is due to the high number of firms. The emerging organizations are very aggressive. Despite the whole food market offering products that are 353 everyday values, there are other companies that are offering the same products hence creating competition. These firms include supermarkets, club stores, and the big-box stores. These businesses produce beverages, breads, grains, and packed foods which are already packed. The firms buy organic products from the farmers and other suppliers, process, repack and then resell the products with added value to the…show more content…
The change has the ability to decrease the production of organic and natural farm products. The store has a favorable atmosphere that makes the WFM a good place for the customers to shop. The whole food company has transformed the grocery store into a fun pleasant place to be (Freschi, 2016). The climate makes the foods fresh and healthy to consume. They are free of artificial preservatives, color, sweetness or the hydrogenated fats. The most common impact of this change is reduced supply that is available to the consumers and retailers of the whole food
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