Who lives and who dies?

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No one in a normal state of mind would ever think I am going to get behind the wheel of my car and kill someone today; however, while under the influence of alcohol at times we do the very things we do not want to do. Not many people think about what it might feel like to live with the fact that you killed someone, however it is very real. Cars can kill people just in and of itself, not counting contributing factors like alcohol. Imagine killing an innocent human being. Imagine it being a father, who then can no longer support his family. Perhaps the unthinkable, a child is killed. The problem with drinking and driving is not many people think about how their actions will affect others. When someone is in the moment, drinking and driving may sound like the cool thing to do, however, it is not. When anyone gets behind the wheel under the influence they not only put themselves at risk however, others. Consider this: someone gets into a crash, they kill others, they go to jail, their future is over, their family suffers, and the victim's family suffers. The list of consequences for someone's poor choices goes on and on. Having to deal with regret and guilt is not worth it. Do not put someone's life in jeopardy because of choices. Too many times innocent people are killed, due to the fact that people drink and get behind the wheel of a car. One fatal accident that many people know about happened on Mamalahoa Highway near Hamakua. On September 10, 2012, Alfred Berdon III age 30 was accused of running a Puna Certified Nursery van off the road. The van was returning to Kurtistown from a job site in Waikoloa. Berdon was driving a two wheel drive red Nissan truck when he passed the van and ran it off the road. Nine people were i... ... middle of paper ... ...ay on your first offense or mandating the installation of interlock devices that prevent intoxicated persons from starting a vehicle Of the four consequences number four seems like the best solution. If the installation of interlock devices were made mandatory we would have less accidents and fatalities based on people who drink and drive. Even if people have other consequences like the first three, it has been proven time and time again that they will still get behind the wheel and drive. Drinking and driving is never going to be a good thing. Judgment is impaired after the first drink. However, not many people think about what it might feel like to live with the fact that you killed someone. No one in their right state of mind would want to be a murderer, so every time anyone should get behind the wheel after a drink, they need to think about what could happen.

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