Who is Walter Payton?

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Walter Payton was born in July 25, 1954. Son of Peter and Alyne Payton, Walter Payton was born in Colombia, Missouri. Walter’s father wasn’t really into football as much as people thought, Peter Payton was a semi-pro baseball player. Walter was had one older brother Eddie, who was born 3 years before Walter but in the near future wasn’t the one to be a football star. Eddie learned a lot about football from his dad, but when Walter was born, he knew he would have competition. At a very young age Walter and Eddie would have pickup games in the backyard. When Walter was 5 he started to play in a little league. Coaches were shocked to see Walter play football, almost every time he touched the football, touchdown. Not only his parents, but the players, and the coaches noticed that the harder Walter works he could go far.
When he was 7 coaches noticed that he was soon to be a football star. In his teen years he was not only in football, but boy scouts, he was also in the choir at church, and in the marching band at his church. As much as he liked playing football, school came first, he spent many times reading books, and studying. In Jr. High Walter didn’t really want to play football, he usually went to his brothers games and practices. One day when practice was over, Eddie’s coach asked Walter to try out for the team, Eddie’s coach realized what talent he had, but was confused as to why he wasn’t going out. So the next day Walter tried out, at the end of the practice, Coach came up to Walter and said, “ Congrats you made the team”, Walter didn’t know how to react because he was scared and excited at the same time.
Walter was a quick learner, he already in the first 5 practices had the starting position for the runnin...

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...of people look at Walter Payton as one of the greatest running backs of all time, but in my eyes he was also an inspiration, and a role model.

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