Who is Responsible for the Salem Tragedy?

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“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor” said by Sholom Aleichem. The quote implies that one can have a good life if one has power or if one is judicious. Also, it is a game for the illiterate, a joke for one that is rich and powerful, and misfortune for needy. In the book, The Crucible by Arthur Miller has certain characters and beliefs that is a part of a huge calamity. It was labeled as the Salem Tragedy because in Salem, plebeians and uninvolved people were accused for witchcraft they never committed. Nineteen people were hanged and liable for the witchcraft. A character in The Crucible, Danforth, honest in his own perception is one of the attribution for the Salem tragedy. Also, Abigail, shrewd, perjurer is culpable for the Salem catastrophes. It was also, the society’s ignorance was responsible for the Salem disaster.
Initially, Danforth, stern yet practical man more interested in preserving the dignity for the Salem community is accountable for the tragedy. First, magistrate, Danforth has pride of his status as a judge. As a judge, he denies to give a thought for his actions that can lead to the death of innocent lives. Danforth says, “12 others have already been hanged for the same charge; pardons for the remaining convicts would be unjust and crack the voice of God's law with "whimpering." Hale says a week's postponement would seem like mercy to the public, not weakness. Danforth doesn't listen.” This proves how Danforth won’t postpone the hangings because he won’t allow himself, his government, or his God, to look weak. He thinks reputation is more important to him than standing up to save innocent lives. Next, when pride and arrogance comes in between ...

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...tain character and ignorance. Danforth is stern and practical at the same time and is a cause for the Salem catastrophe .Abigail is a liar and deceitful, therefore she is culpable for the Salem adversity. At last, the society’s ignorance is liable for the calamity. The reasons prove how people are clever, thoughtless, shrewd, and gullible-due to the rank of people. The crucible is related to McCarthyism, a campaign against alleged communists in the US government. The Crucible is like McCarthyism because both used lack of evidence to convict people without regard to any what was truly happening. The Crucible was about witchcraft and the hunt that went on for witches during the Salem witch trials and accusing others. McCarthyism was about finding scapegoats and blaming innocent people for things they did not do. In Crucible and in McCarthyism lives were ruined.
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