Who is Hunter Stockton Thompson?

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You drive up a long dirt path, up to the house that stands alone like a church, up to the backyard where the electronic screaming of animals roars, up to the man with the bald head, the yellow sunlit aviators, and the gun that never stops firing that rests in his hand, now you are next to Hunter S. Thompson. No one thought the juvenile delinquent from Louisville, Kentucky would become one of the most celebrated American authors of the 21st century. From being idolized by some of the Western hemispheres most beloved actors and Icons such as Bill Murray and Johnny Depp he has made quite a name for himself, but who really is Hunter S. Thompson? Hunter Stockton Thompson, the subculture icon that you hear about in hush tones from overzealous bar patrons and insomniactic journalists alike, is the true doctor of journalism. July 18th, 1937 was a whirlwind and a storm, whether it be the literal sense with the great flood and all or the birth of the man who would be the storm of American Journalism. Hunter Stockton Thompson was born in the home of Jack and Virginia Thompson. Jack was previously married to another wife who had died leaving Jack to move on. He was an honest man, made up of true grit and was a fine example of that grand “American Dream” at work. Virginia was a well off young woman; she was previously paid into the University of Michigan by her parents. She would later drop out of that university. The meeting of the two would not happen till shortly after the Great Depression. After Thompson’s birth the two parents had two more children, both boys, James and Davidson Thompson. Davidson would go on to be a more common respectable young man, unlike his brother, Hunter. Thompson’s child hood and teenage years were surges of... ... middle of paper ... ...n’s earlier novels, “The Rum Diary”. He would leave this world with a history that very few could replicate and comprehend. Thompson’s ashes were shot out of a canon that was shaped like the iconic emblem of the two thumbed gonzo fist into the Grand Canyon. So now that Hunter S. Thompson had died the mountains around Aspen grew quiet. The engines simmered down. And the gun stores and liquor stores lost their biggest funder. But in the end, his books are some of the most celebrated and sought after works of nonfiction out there. Now you drive up a long dirt path, up to the empty house that stands alone like a church, up to the backyard where the quiet roars like a scar that had been given before, up to where a man would stand if he would be there, up to the bullet shells that had not been fired in nearly a year, up to the residence of the late, Hunter S. Thompson…

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