Who is Gwendoyn Brooks?

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Gwendolyn Brooks was one of the many great writers. In her early poetry, Brooks attacked racial discrimination, praised African American heroes, and satirized booth blacks and whites. She showed great mastery of classic and Modernist poetic techniques.
Gwendolyn Brooks was born on June 7,1917 in Topeka, Kansas. She grew up in the Chicago community called Bronzeville (Brooks 1). Gwendolyn Brooks parents was David and Kiziah Brooks. Her mother was a school teacher. Gwendolyn's father was the only family member to graduate from high school. Her parents encouraged her to express herself through art (Sickels 2).
David Brooks, her farther, supported the family as a janitor and house painter. His wages was barely sufficient to meet the family's needs, he was never unemployed. Gwendolyn look at her farther as a powerful man (Life 1). After graduating high school in Oklahoma, he had attended Fisk University for a year and dreamed of becoming a doctor but lacked money for tuition. Her father meant everything to her(Farther 1).
Keziah Brooks, a former school teacher from Topeka, Kansas, read to Gwendolyn and Raymond and entertained them by drawing pictures (Brooks 4). She did anything to make sure her children was happy. Keziah expected her children to do good in school. David and Keziah brooks influenced Gwendolyn's love for reading and writing poetry. Her father often recited poems to her and her brother (Life 2).
By age 7, Brooks was writing two line verses. She filled notebooks with poems at age 11(Biography 1). By the age of thirteen she published her first poem in the magazine "American Childhood". During her years in high school, she met the poet James Weldon Johnson who encouraged her to read and emulate poets like ...

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... to reside in Chicago, the city which she had given so much. She was a teacher, critic, and inspirational speaker to many people(Life 3).
Days after being diagnosed with cancer, Gwendolyn experienced a sudden stroke. Instead of going to the hospital, she chose to stay in her own home. With friends and family at her bedside, talking to her and sometimes reading to her. Gwendolyn Brooks died at age 83 on December 3, 2000 (Death 1).

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