Who inspires me???

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Who inspires Jasmine Imani Lowe ???? My Parents , Brothers, Teachers, and Coaches. My parents inspire me because they set up the right pathways for me in school and life, Supports Me in what ever i want to achieve or accomplish in school or in sports, and provides for me .My brothers inspire me because they give me advice with social life or even with school and they support me with everything hat i want to do in life . While giving me support they put so much pressure on me with school. My teacher inspire me because they give me guidance with my work or with my home life or friends, pushes me to to do greater things in my work, and teaches me new things while teaching my academic work they teach me a new life lessons. My last aspiration are my coaches are my inspiration because they teach me new things in the sports that I play in. I play basketball, lacrosse, and field hockey .and supports me while I'm playing on the court or field . As you can see I have a big support system that want me succeed in school and in life.
My parents are James and Eulita Smith. they inspire me because they set up the right pathways for me in school and in life and they support me in what ever I want to achieve or accomplish in school or in sports . When i say right pathways Imean they give me guidance with school with life. My example is my mother. Eulita always say to me everyday "make sure you finish , Jasmine it is important to Finish school." Also she always signing me up for things out of school like this great opportunity with the at the well young's women's conference . She loves doing these type of things with me and for me because when she was growing up her mother had to work a lot so she never had these great opportunitie...

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...kground telling me to be stronger and keep pushing yourself . Thats why coach George and Q inspire me . My teacher Ms.Russell inspires me over time , She taught me the subject that i wasn't good at which was Math. She talked and explained things that made it easy for me to understand. she inspires me because she made something I wasn't any good at doing it better . I feel I could do anything I want if I set my mind to it. Many of my coaches and teacher are my inspiration to do better in life and in school.

Well as you may see , have many people that support me and inspire me to do greater things. One more time my parents , teacher, brother, and coaches inspire me to do great things. Those are just my four inspirations i have many more people to list and write but these four are just my main inspirations . I'm ready to succeed in life with my great support system.
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