Who Moved the Cheese by Spencer Johnson

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Former classmates gathered for lunch the day after their class reunion. At the gathering everyone was sharing where life had taken them and the topic change came up. Michael shared his story, about change and how it had affected him, with the rest of his former classmates. The name of that story happened to be ‘Who Moved My Cheese.’ Included in the story, ‘Who Moved My Cheese,’ were four characters, the mice: Sniff and Scurry and the little people: Hem and Haw. All of the characters had found cheese at station C to begin. Sniff and Scurry were always up and at the cheese station, early in the morning. Hem and Haw slept in and arrived at the cheese station later every day. One morning Scurry and Sniff showed up and there was no cheese at the station. Their immediate reaction was to venture out and look for new cheese. Scurry and Sniff had made the immediate decision to adapt to change without even thinking about it. Later in the morning, Hem and Haw showed up to the cheese station to also discover there was no cheese left. The two mice were outraged and felt it was unfair...
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