Who Is Victor A Foil In Frankenstein

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Victor & The Creature

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Directions: Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the characters of Victor and The Creature. Use the analysis you’ve did in the foil analysis as well as the Paradise Lost analysis to help you. You must have at least two quotes. Make sure you have correct parenthetical citation.

Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, is a horror story about the dangers of attempting to play God. In the story, a man named Victor Frankenstein becomes obsessed with the possibilities of creating life out of death. As a result, he creates a monster, described as 8 feet tall, and incredibly grotesque. While at first Victor is overjoyed that he was able to do this, that joy soon turns into dread. Throughout
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The monster wanted revenge after he was cruelly shunned by his master, Victor. This led to the untimely death of William, Victor’s little brother. On the other hand, Victor desired retribution after the monster killed his family and friends. While both seemed to have validation for vengeance on the other, the plot of the story shows otherwise. Frankenstein was wrong in his actions on many occasions. The first, and most obvious reason, was by creating life. After doing so he then neglected his creation because he viewed it as disgusting and inferior. The monster, at that time (around Chapter 5), could be compared with a child. He/it had no idea of what was going on in the world and was looking for support from the only person he/it knew: Victor. By treating it the way he did, it gave the monster moral reasons to act the way it did throughout the story. Victor, on the other hand, only began to seek revenge after he had lost all of his family and friends. If he had looked to enact vengeance on the monster after the death of his little brother, that would be acceptable, but he did not care then; instead, he kept quiet and that led to the death of not one, but two. Only after his wife died did Victor start to care. As a result, Victor could be seen as petty for finally trying to destroy his
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