Who Is The Most Important Person Essay

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Everybody has that one person that opens up their world drastically, but yet there is still always one person who has a major impact. My mother, Sariah Glosenger has been apart of my life for a little over ten years now. My mother, is just like a typical mother, she is always checking out my social media, always making me clean my room before I leave the house, and to tell her wherever I am going. When I was young I always hated doing those things but now I look back and see how she was just being motherly and worried.There have been many people that have inspired me throughout my life, but my mom Sariah J. Glosenger has to be the most inspiring person because, she always nags me, furthermore her always wanting to better herself is my encouragement…show more content…
She did many things to better herself. To demonstrate her wanting to improve herself, she decided that going back to school was the most suitable thing for her. Not that she hated her job now, but she wanted to make a difference in people 's lives. My mother now attends school at Frederick Community College, and is currently taking her clinical studies. She would like to be a Registered Nurse serving her purpose at any hospital. Becoming a registered nurse has always been one of my mom 's goals in life, and now watching her go to school and complete that goal as a single mother shows me that anything is possible. In regard to her going back to school being thirty seven inspires me to have a passion. Although, I sometimes make the wrong decisions in life my mother has always stood by me and guided me to the right…show more content…
My mom always worked two jobs. She always had a set plan and stuck to it. Seeing my mother always being gone taught me the responsibility to always do my homework right after school, clean my room and, take care of my chores. Whenever my mom is studying we quiz her with flashcards that she made, constantly doing that made me interested in her studies and as I dug deeper into the medical field I began to enjoy all the weird, fascinating things the field has to offer. Under all these circumstances, I still managed to be independent because of my inspiring
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