Who Is The For A Mediocre Family?

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Belonging to a mediocre family, I have experienced coming across many financial hardships. Growing up, I witnessed my father studying for his Chattered Accountant degree in the midst of very scarce resources, but he has managed to become extremely successful today. This has made me realize that passion truly has no limitations. I still remember a moment in my childhood when we had a devastating time, so bad that it caused me to drop out of school. However, my parents maintained their optimism, motivation, and work ethic to allow me to return back to my studies. It is because of their struggle that I was able to continue my education. I passed my secondary boards in biology for my major and continued premedical studies in college. It was not long before I reached the answer that my future resided in the medical field. To gain surety parental guidance was the best tool to use. On an affirming response, it confirmed where my passion is inherited.
I started medical school with an open mind expecting hard work, challenging situations, and a demanding environment. Beginning with the basic sciences, Human World of Adventure and Discovery begin my fascination towards physiology and facilitated my understanding of the foundation of medical diseases. Dealing with patient care always appealed to me, yet reaching clinical years would take few years. Therefore, I began volunteering at the Patients Welfare Association, largest student run Non-Governmental Organization in Civil Hospital Karachi. As a Director of Records and Registration my responsibilities involved logging positive blood screening tests and mailing letters to the respective person. Through that experience, I gained a sense of responsibility. Through achieving insight towards t...

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... only as a physician, but also a friend, care giver, counselor, and nevertheless a human who tried to listen and understand the distress faced by the patients and their families.
So far my journey has been satisfying. However, I believe in continuous learning. Following a Chinese proverb “Teachers open the door, but you must enter yourself” I consider every patient a teacher who provides me chance of expanding my knowledge and honing my skill. As it is the beginning of my medical career, my expectations for a residency program is that will provide me the prospect to work in challenging situations to allow me to excel in academic, clinical and research fields. Providing me the opportunity to pursue this dream in your program with my understanding of internal medicine along with the many other strengths I obtain, will definitely make me a valuable asset to your team.
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