Who Is Ralph A Good Leader In Lord Of The Flies

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Leadership – Who is Better
Being a good leader is a quality that stands out among people. Most people look to the strongest people to be leaders. However, the strongest person may not always be the best choice for the job. In the book, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, Jack and Ralph both have the qualities to be great leaders. Lord of the Flies is a story of shipwrecked boys on an island that suddenly turns into a complex account of endless trickery and deceit which stems from jealousy. Ralph, one of the main characters, treats the other boys better and understands them, he is patient with them and keeps his mind on the getting them rescued. Ralph, influenced by nurture, for the most part, does not change being a great leader …show more content…

Much like the article, The Teenage Brain, Ralph would be faced with making serious choices that would have serious consequences. In chapter two, he lays down the rules for the boys about keeping the rules and using the conch, as well as the rescue. He knows there needs to be some sort of order on the island if they are going to survive. He sets up a simple form of leadership and creates straightforward rules. Although this doesn’t last very long, it still shows Ralph is a better leader than Jack. Unfortunately, Ralph soon finds that simply saying, “I’m chief”, isn’t enough, there must be people to enforce the rules. (Golding 23) Ralph is constantly keeping his mind on the most important goal, to be rescued. When the fire goes out, Ralph gets upset because he feels their only hope of being rescued is gone. He enforces his leadership and surprisingly gives the boys a sense of stability and continues to help them work together. Seemingly, Jack continuously causes chaos on the …show more content…

Jack is unable to see what the boys really need. He decides he should be chief simply because he could sing a chord and was the head boy in the choir. The truth is Jack doesn’t care about anything else other than hunting. In the beginning he seems to be a great leader but his selfish ambitions show him to not be a good leader choice. Jack does not treat the boys with respect and is only focused on killing the pigs and eating them. Ralph doesn’t think he is better than the rest of the boys, this is partially what makes him a better leader than Jack. He understands the other boys, especially Piggy. When Jack hits Piggy’s glasses and breaks them Ralph says it’s, “a dirty trick”. This illustrates Ralph’s compassion as well as Jack’s disregard for others and their property. Jack does not know how to understand people, unlike Ralph. In relation to leadership Jack also does not change throughout the book, in the end he is still the same aggressive and bossy

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  • Analyzes how jack and ralph, in golding's lord of the flies, have the qualities to be great leaders.
  • Analyzes how ralph tries to bring order to the chaos on the island. he sets up a simple form of leadership and creates straightforward rules.
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