Who Is Piaget And Vygotsky's Cognitive Development?

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Phsycologist has offered educators a great advantage and insight into how children learn cognitively. With these theories made by physiologist, teachers are able to improve teaching styles and make a greater impact in the lives of their students. There are several theories stating how a child learns from social interaction to a child’s developmental stages. There are many Psychologist who have contributed to children’s learning theories but I will be focusing on the four main psychologist. These psychologists have given insight and prospective into the minds of children and are a great advantage to anyone whom is or seeks to become an educator. Jean Piaget, is known as the father of theory. All child development theories are based off…show more content…
I cannot say I completely believe in just one of these Psychologist, but rather agree with many of their ideas. In particular I agree with Piaget and Vygotsky more than others. I think a child’s learning is about more than just social development, but also developmental age. Jean Piaget research is truly fascinating and a foundation in child learning for many. At first I thought his theory was a little odd, but after hearing more about it and applying his theory myself and to people I know, I knew Piaget was right. I believe that a child’s cognitive development is a process but that not all steps are completed prior to adulthood. I myself have seen adults and even myself be in a place of being stuck because I had not yet fully developed a stage of cognitive development. I believe this happens more so than we realize and that many people do not associate the feeling of being stuck with skipping or missing a step of cognitive development. Piaget theory said that a person will complete all of the steps of development by the end of their life, they may just skip or be stuck in one before completing development. I also believe in Vygotsky theory of cognitive development associated with social development. There are things that stick out about Vygotsky to me that have made me feel his research and study are accurate. When you look at the lives of children they act, talk, and interact just like the people around them. Children copy adults as Vygotsky referred to as the more knowledgeable other, as they see them with greater knowledge than themselves. When you study other cultures and how children are raised you see a pattern of how children grow up to be like their example, the more knowledge other. I believe Vygotsky made a lot of good points in his research by showing how cognition is related to social development. Both Piaget and Vygotsky are
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