Who Is Jesus in Matthew?

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Everyone in this world is entitled to his or her own opinion. Each individual has a different point of view for something; no one’s opinion is right or is wrong. For me, I find it very interesting to listen to someone else’s opinion that is different than mine. However, there are others who have their own opinion, and they do not believe or even want to take into consideration what other peoples’ opinion is. This is how the religious leaders were in the book of Matthew. The Pharisees, scribes, priests and Sadducees were all classified as religious leaders in the bible. None of them had any faith in Jesus, they believed he was a fake of who he said he was on this earth. During this time in the bible, no one really knew who Jesus really was as the Son of God. John the Baptist was the only one that knew who Jesus was and how important he was in this world as the Messiah. However, no one else knew what Jesus was all about and a lot of people did not believe him and they doubted him. His own disciples had doubt in what Jesus could to others. It is safe to point out that Jesus was not your ordinary Jewish man. The characteristics that he had, and the compassion that he had towards others was something unique. The religious leaders were the ones that have no belief in Jesus. They had a lot of hatred and they disliked Jesus very much. However, despise the hatred that the religious leaders had towards Jesus, it did not stop him from doing what he was called to do on this earth from his heavenly father. Throughout Matthew, Jesus had done many wonders and mighty deeds here on earth. Some of the wonders and mighty deeds that Jesus performed were healings and miracles such as healing people from their physical illness and casting out demons ... ... middle of paper ... ...fect; despite all the hatred and all the doubting, he was still humble. The way Jesus carried himself throughout the entire time he was on earth while being threatened and neglected by the religious leaders is very inspirational. In my opinion, this is why Jesus is perfect; he is perfect because God is perfect and Jesus Christ is God manifested in the flesh. Works Cited "Gospel of Matthew Chapter 23 Summary." Weblog post. Shmoop. Shmoop University Inc., 2013. Web. 22 Nov. 2013. summary.html>. " Matthew 23." BibleGateway.com. Tyndale House Publishers Inc., n.d. Web. 20 Nov. 2013. . "Quick Search Results: Pharisees."BibleGateway., n.d. Web. 21 Nov. 2013. .

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