Who Is Ernest Rutherford Essay

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Ernest Rutherford is a pioneer who took his dreams to life. He became a chemist/ philosopher and did many extraordinary experiments, especially for what he is heard after. He was the first philosopher to split an atom. It was extremely dangerous, he took the risk and did it, he did one of the hardest things of chemistry. He is one of the greatest chemists in history.
He was born in August 30, 1871 in New Zealand. He was 4th child of the 12 children and the 2nd son of James and Martha Rutherford. He lived in a farm and after school he had to milk the cows or weed the field. Whenever the family needs money, he would always fund money by his creative thinking. His motto shows how he is creative. It is said that it is “We haven’t the money, so we’ve got to think.”
At the age of 10 he got his first science book, because of this he was inspired to do his very first scientific experiment. He had made a miniature cannon and it actually worked. He showed it to his family but then the cannon just blows up. In 1887, he got a scholarship for Nelson Collegiate School at the age of 16. That sch...
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