Who I Teach

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Who I Teach I teach local government employees and officials who are involved in purchasing and contracting on behalf of their local government. My students include purchasing agents, finance directors, and attorneys, as well as clerks, engineers, public works directors, managers, elected officials, and others. What I Teach I teach subjects related to North Carolina local government contracts, including purchasing, construction, property sales, conflicts of interest, contract management, and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) compliance. How I Teach I want my students to feel ready to learn when they are in my class. I know that when I’m taking a class, I have to feel both engaged and at ease to be ready to learn. So I do three things to engage my students and put them at ease: (1) I ask questions, (2) I use a clear outline of the course material, and (3) I use humor. I start with easy questions that relate to my students’ everyday lives and work up to trickier questions that relate those simpler concepts to the concepts we’ll discuss in class. This encourages my stu...
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