Who Am I and Where Does the World Come From?

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Who am I? Where does the world come from? What is my stance on these questions? At first glance, these seem like simple questions with simple answers, but the truth is that it has taken me all semester to even start developing my stance. If find that the answers to these questions developed as I learned about the philosophies of Thomas Aquinas, Immanuel Kant, and Socrates. From these philosophers, I have come to believe that I am a relative empiricist born with innate morals who believes that God created me and the world, but above all I have come to the realization that I truly do not know anything for certain while I can search my entire life for answers.
Who am I? I find that I am a relative empiricist with innate morals that I do not always seem to follow. I determined that I am mainly empirical but I am also a little bit rational when I agreed with Kant’s idea that humans get our knowledge from our senses, but our perception of those senses is dependent on a person’s mind. Thomas Aquinas also helped me realize that I am mainly an empiricist because I realized that I also look ...

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