Who Am I As A Person?

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Who am I as a person? It is easy to define myself based on the roles I play – woman, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, volunteer, employee, farmer, collector, traveler, Christian…. But a list does not provide the intimate details of who I am. I need to peel back the layers of my labels for a true reflection. When I think of “who I am”, labels do come to mind first; mother….and now, grandmother. My two children (grown, college graduates, married with families of their own) are my greatest accomplishments and purest source of unconditional love. Parenting can be difficult, messy and exhausting, but it is the most rewarding job I’ve ever held. I now have three incredible grandchildren who are sweet blessings, as I shift gears from motherhood to grand-motherhood and all the spoiling that entails. I am a wife; married over 28 years to the best man I know. My husband likes to say “I may not always like you, but I’ll always love you”. This philosophy sums up our life together. It hasn’t been without challenges or trials. But long ago we embraced the belief that we are a team. We have persevered through life’s ups and downs, without too much collateral damage. We are recent victims of the travel bug and have been enjoying trips to national parks, monuments and other places of wonder in this beautiful country. My husband has always been my biggest supporter and most honest critic. Both serve me well. Our life is deeply embedded in agriculture. We live on part of his family’s farm. Two of my grandchildren are 6th generation of Williamses to reside there. Our roots run deep. My family raises show pigs and we enjoy traveling across the country to livestock shows. We also have our hands in raising limousin cattle and qua... ... middle of paper ... ...e-enrolled at OU and registered for 13 credit hours. I selected courses based strictly on interest: Geology (National Parks), Communication Studies, Equine Studies and Leadership Development. I’m enjoying my re-baptism into academia. It has been an immersion that leaves me thirsty for more! I was preoccupied with what degree produces specific employment opportunities. Through my recent self-exploration, I realize that my desire to earn my bachelor’s comes from within; a deep, personal desire not based on external employment factors. I strongly believe that individualizing a degree program will present opportunities when the time is right; whether that be graduate school or employment. It’s freeing to get away from the mindset of specific degree = specific job. I am excited by the wide-open possibilities that a specialized bachelor’s degree can provide.
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