White: The Absence of Ethnicity

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First, "White" is a singular population entity only in terms of a heritage of priviliges and in the delusional theories of demagogues. North American caucasians are an amalgam of dozens of ethnic, tribal, and national root groups, many of which have fought bitter wars with one another over the past few centuries. (The biggest of those wars were started by jerks like Napoleon and Hitler who foolishly sought to impose a singular nationhood on all Euros.) "White" isn't an ethnicity; it's the absence of ethnicity. You can have whole or partial ancestry from England, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Latvia, Greece, Italy, and/or a hundred other lands or sub-lands, but there's no Nation of White. What I and other writers have referred to as "whitebread culture" is a complex set of beliefs, styles, fashions, foods, aesthetics, and attitudes rooted in concerted attempts by business and government earlier in this century to forge a common "American" culture from all these diverse ethnic and immigrant groups. That's not really "white culture"; that's mainstream American culture, something adhered to in varying degrees by citizens of varying ethnicities.

(Besides, pure breeding is for primping show dogs, not for healthy work dogs and especially not for humans. Interaction and interbreeding makes us stronger, not weaker.)

Of course, some whites are more privileged than others; class and race were never uniformly synonymous. Demagogues here, in Europe, and in Africa have long exploited racial/ national/ color "identity" to get the relatively underprivileged to support programs and wars that mainly benefitted the overprivileged of similar ethnicity or skin hue.

And it doesn't help that certain demographically-obsessed leftists help the demagogues by ranting against "White Male Society" as if everyone who was white and/or male was equally rich and/or powerful.
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