White Shark

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549 words

This book is about a man shark that was created during World War two. The man shark was an experiment by the Russians for war. The Russians were transporting it in a u-boat the u-boat was shot and sank by enemy airplanes. The U boat plunged down to the sea floor thousands of feet below sea level .In 1996 two Submersibles went down on a documentary for national geographic. They discovered a brass box that looked like a coffin but It was too ling to be a coffin the rectangular shaped box was about 9 feet long and 3 feet wide. They finally decided to take it to the surface to find out what was in the coffin looking box. When the box was aboard the ship there was a curious crewmember that had wanted to see what was inside the box. The man thought it wouldn’t harm anybody so he lifted the cover a bit and out of the darkness of the box sprang a man shark with metal claws and metal teeth. The creature took the man to the bottom and fed on its kill. The man shark found its way to a place called waterboro there it had killed people and sea creatures. Then it had found its way to land and killed a bunch more people and animals. On an island there was an institute for marine life but mainly white sharks. It was mainly by a man named chase he studied the man shark. And then finally the shark man came on the island and tried to kill chase but chase tricked the man shark into going into an air compression chamber. There he turned up the pressure and boom! The man shark exploded into bits.

The main character of White shark is chase Simon he is about 5 feet 6 inches tall he has dark hair and he is pretty strong he is about in his twenties. He is a nice person that loved animals especially white sharks and he is also smart brave and nice

The main character traits for chase are that he is determined and brave. I choose determined because he was very interested in white sharks so he was determined to learn about them and find out new things about them and why they do things. Chase is brave because he was swimming with great whites and he also killed the man shark and he was the only one that did it.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how the man shark was an experiment by the russians for war. the u-boat was shot and sank by enemy airplanes.
  • Explains that the main character of white shark is chase simon, who is about 5 feet 6 inches tall, has dark hair and is pretty strong. simon is a nice person who loved animals especially white sharks.
  • Explains that chase is determined and brave. he was interested in white sharks and was determined to learn about them. chase was brave because he killed the man shark.
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