White Noise, by Don Delillo

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Webster’s dictionary defines a distraction as a mental turmoil. Don Delillo, the author of the novel White Noise shows how distractions are nothing more than a mental turmoil towards the characters in the novel and this is proved in several different circumstances. The characters use distractions to avoid accepting the problems they come across in their everyday lives. The many distractions that the characters in the novel make use of are used to help them avoid their lack of spiritualism, their hard emotion and their inferiority. Many of the people in the novel White Noise use absentmindedness in order to avoid the nuisances in their lives and the reasons why theses people create these distractions for themselves will be discussed. To begin with, the characters in the novel use avoidances to stay away from their lack of spirituality. Almost everyone in the town of Blacksmith go to the Supermarket as if it was a place of worship because they have a lack of spiritualism. The characters in the novel then shop at the supermarket as a distraction from the fact that they lack spiritualism. According to Murray “this place recharges us spiritually, it prepares us, it’s like a gateway or pathway.” (37) When Murray states this, he speaks on behalf of many of the inhabitants of Blacksmith who attend the supermarket. Murray and the others all attend the supermarket regularly as one may go to the church. At a church is where people are normally “recharged spiritually” but as Murray states the supermarket is where they get spiritually recharged. Due to their lack of spiritualism and how they use the supermarket as a distraction from this deficiency they are continuously drawn to the supermarket weekly to attain the false sense of spiritualit... ... middle of paper ... ...r hard emotion with distractions such as meteorology, teaching a course on Hitler and by taking pills that prevent the fear of death. Also, they ignore their own inferiority by getting side tracked due to them changing their name, having a massive historical figure such as Hitler to teach about and by shopping. It is clear that the things that people find uncomfortable in their lives are often lured away from their everyday activities using distractions. These nuisances are avoided in order to make the person feel more confident and have a better feeling about their life because whatever bothers them or makes them feel inferior, they will find a way to make sure that it does not occur. For example, Jack changes his name and wears glasses and a cloak just to fit the image of a person who can teach Hitler Studies because he believed his own image was an inferior one.
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