Which side of the brain do you use?

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Which side of the brain do you use? Ever wonder which side of the brain individuals use to learn with? Left and right brain dominates impacts learning way more than people think. There are many theories about each side of the brain dominance. There are many different ways to determine if you are left brained, right brained or even if this whole matter of the learning style of the brain is just a myth. There are many different ways to determine which side of the brain people may use. The right brain dominance in people may differ from person to person, Being right brain dominance can have many different unique characteristics some of them being they relate more to the visual world, for instance, when a topic is very complex right brain dominance individuals can get a little overwhelmed because they can’t visualize the entire picture. Right brained people tend to have a little more math anxiety because they need to visualize and experience mathematical ideas. The last reason is Farmer, L (2004) notes,” right rain dominance people need more reality checks because right brainers find more possibilities in everything right brained people tend to be more fantasy oriented they can’t adapt to their environments quite easily so they need someone to put them back into reality”. Left brain dominance differs from right brain, it’s more of a compare and contrast concept when it comes to the two. Klingberg, T (2008) notes,“Left brained people are saying to be a more analytic problem solver which means they are able to view and analyze a situation, but seem to lack interpersonal skills and tend to be more technical”. They tend to take on one idea at a time, those individuals are able to write one sentence and keep the sentence going, and the... ... middle of paper ... ...ght or left, which are sensations, sounds, pain, and hunger. There are also the theories that women tend to have a more active corpus callosum. So until someone has done all of the research there will always be the facts and the myth about the working brain. Works Cited Farmer, L. (2004). Left brain right brain whole brain. School library media activities monthly, 27-28, 37. Kay, D (2003). Left brain versus right brain. Marketing magazine, 108(36), 8-11 Klingberg, T. (2008). Overflowing brain information and the limits of working memory. Cary,NC, USA: Oxford University Press, USA. Understanding the myth of the left brain right brain dominance, (2014) retrieved from http:// Are You A Left-Brain or Right-Brain Thinker? The Surprising Truth http://psychology.about.com/od/cognitivepsychology/a/left-brain-right-brain.htm?r=et

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