Which should be the Drinking Age in the US?

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In the early 1900’s, when the United States passed through a time of prohibition, numerous citizens were outraged that alcohol was forbidden. Even with the law forbidding all alcohol, the consumption levels didn’t decrease drastically. The only change was that drinking was all done underground; countless young adults constantly sneaked around the law to obtain a few drinks. Although individuals over the age of twenty can obtain alcohol, not much has changed; eighteen to twenty year olds still frequently sneak around. To fix this problem, some people believe that the United States should lower the drinking age because the wait until the magical twenty- first birthday to drink is absurd and contributes to the reason why the U.S. contains a plethora of underage drinkers. Others argue that drinking at any age under twenty-one harms an individual’s health and the law must stay at its current level. Yet, several others believe that twenty-one is too low of an age for the consumption of alcohol, and thus the age ought to increase. In my opinion, the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen since society accepts that age for adulthood, and introducing teens to alcohol while they still go to high school would be beneficial for both society and their health. At age eighteen society expects citizens to act like adults and hence should be given the right to drink. These young adults “can drive cars, fly planes, marry, vote, pay taxes, take out loans, and risk their lives as members of the U.S armed forces” but one right is not granted to them: the consumption of alcohol (Source A). Since so many responsibilities are established for these adults, I think the leisure of drinking should also be given to them. Most young adults perform these... ... middle of paper ... ... problem is definitely no to raise the age. Lowering the age to eighteen is not either but I think that it will reduce the amount of teenagers that drink because it will not be “cool” to do once drinking is an activity that some of their peers are permitted to do. The main drive for drinking alcohol in teenagers is that they are doing something prohibited. Once their peers can drink, they will not feel it necessary to drink since they will be able to in a couple of years. The United States government should lower the drinking age to eighteen because at this age teenagers are considered adults, and most eighteen year olds still live at home thus making it easier to safely introduce alcohol to them. Drinking always has been and will be an issue in our society if we do not start taking action to curb the dangerous underage drinking occurring throughout the nation.
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