Which one is Better when Playing Games: PC vs. Consoles

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When I use to play on gaming consoles years ago, I thought they were the best thing in the world. Fast forward several years later, and now I cannot bring myself to play any games on a console. Consoles seem blurred and pixelated to me after gaming on a personal computer for some time. People argue with me that gaming consoles are better at gaming than a PC. Playing games on PCs are more immersive than it could ever be on consoles. Gaming computers have higher resolutions and graphical advantages than a console. PCs also have upgradable hardware so the consumer is not stuck with the same components for years after their release date.

PCs are greater than any gaming console because games are cheaper. For instance, a newly released game on a gaming console average around $59.99. Anyone can argue that the same game on a PC is the same price however, that is the retail version. Newly released games on personal computers have the advantage to download games for a lower price that, are almost always on sale using digital downloading. The most recent deal I received on a personal computer game is Battlefield 4. The retail version was $59.99 on the release date for both platforms. However, the same day BF4 became available I found it on Origin(an online market program for games) for $29.99 for digital download. PC gamers are not locked into acquiring games from limited sources so, users can find cheaper games digitally. Consoles are bound to retail stores and their respective online market of either Xbox live or PlayStation network to name the two biggest markets.

The chart above shows the price difference of the new released game Titanfall using amazon for the price of the console version ("Titanfall - Xbox One." 5) and

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... charged a monthly fee and high-priced games on top of the home internet fee to play games.

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