Which Gym Business Model is Better to Change Obese Lifestyle of Australia?

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Australians have long been famous for being an obese country and now for the first time in recent years there has been an overwhelming desire for the nation to lead healthier, more active lifestyles, fueling a thirst for the long forgotten fitness industry. Fitness niches which are nontraditional forms of exercises, take the “work” out of work out, previously exhibited robust growth is now currently being run out by easy access 24/7 gyms, whom are attracting the majority of earnest and cost efficient Australians (Brown Gibbons Lang& Company, 2013).
Jett’s vs. Fitness First
Increasingly so, healthy living has now become the mantra for many Australians with the outlook of the fitness industry in Australia in 2014 one of good fortune. With two of the nation’s most well-known fitness franchises Jett’s and Fitness First racing in a growing battle over fitness club recruitments, launching various clubs all over Australia in order to haul as many consumers as possible.
Jetts began from humble beginnings, starting with one Gold Coast gym back in 2007 and now has over 200 clubs, with 159 in Australia and 41 in New Zealand totaling to an ever growing number of 200,000 members (Jetts, 2014). Jetts through the use of an revolutionized version of Porters Model of Generic Cost Leadership Strategy has allowed them to achieve a rank of second place in 2013’s Fast Franchise list, with average annual revenue growth of 219 per cent over the past three years (BRW, 2013).
As for Fitness First, it is remains the largest privately owned health club group in the world, consisting of over 540 Fitness First Clubs worldwide, reaching over 1million in memberships in 21 different countries (FitnessFirst, 2014). Through its revolutionary busines...

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