Which Five Norse Gods Do You Consider Were Most Important To The Vikings?

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277 words

Short answer questions Q1.Why did the Vikings go on raids? Because their cities/towns were very over-populated so when food got scarce they would go raid others people for their food and sometimes land; They would also raid them for their jewelry and treasure so they could sell and/or trade it for other resources. Q2.Why were Vikings so successful at raids? Well, Most of their attacks were surprises. Vikings were very good at navigating because they had good knowledge of the coasts of Europe, They also planned their attacks very well. Their longships were good because they had durable strength, speed and maneuverability. Q3.Which five Norse Gods do you consider were most important to the Vikings? Explain why. Odin: Because Odin was

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that over-populated cities raided other people for food, land, jewelry, and treasure, so they could sell and/or trade it for other resources.
  • Explains that erik thorvaldson, born in norway, founded the first norse settlement in greenland around the years 982-986.
  • Opines that they didn't wear the horned helmets because if they did, that would have been pretty cool.
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