Which Age Should be The Minimum Wage for Drinking

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Minimum Drinking Age The issue of which age should be the minimum drinking age has been one full of controversy. This is an issue that has been debated for a long time without people really coming to an agreement with regard to what age is to be considered as the minimum drinking age. As much as many are debating on the reasons as to why the minimum drinking age limit should not be lowered, the focus of this argumentative essay is to bring out the debate of why the minimum drinking age should be lowered (Wechsler& Toben, 2010). With most places having an average of 21 years of the minimum drinking age, my proposal is that the minimum ages limit to be lowered to 18 years. This of course should take place in an environment, which is socially controlled with examples being in places like hotels and restaurants, official functions among other places. This is possible since those drinking will be under the supervision of other grownups considered to be of age (Carpenter & Dobkin, 2011). It is important to note that the efforts put to ensure that the minimum drinking age is lowered only lead to futility. This has been the case in many places for obvious reasons. My first reason as to why the minimum age limit for drinking should be lowered is for the fact that prohibiting it even gives the illegal age limits more reasons to drink. How is this possible? This is because of what has been referred to as the effect of the forbidden fruit. Usually, people want to do those things to which they are given limits for. In our case, the people who are limited from drinking still go ahead and do it in hiding and more so in frequencies and levels that tend to abuse it. The people under the minimum drinking age usually find every opportunity to eng... ... middle of paper ... ...ion that they have been given. Tightening laws on the minimum age limit for drinking often leads to rebellion because the people limited usually want to find out why it is illegal for them not take alcohol and why it is legal for others to take it. For this reason, they look for every available opportunity to indulge and this make them not just to drink alcohol, but also to abuse it. In conclusion, I still maintain on my stand that the minimum age limit for drinking alcohol should be lower for the simple reason that this will reduce on the rebellion effect on young people with whom prohibition is an exciting call for adventure. For this reason, when they are allowed to drink in moderation and in the presence of a responsible adult, then it will be a normal thing to do. This will in turn reduce on the level of alcohol intoxication among the young people.

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