Where Men Win Glory, Jon Krakauer

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Glory. It is an honor that all men, even if they are not aware, strive for. The definition of “glory” is different for everyone. To one, “glory” might mean graduating medical school; to another, it could mean taking center stage in a play as the applause surrounds her. To Pat Tillman, glory was not defined as a multimillion dollar NFL contract or millions of adoring fans. It meant following his upright inner voice and fulfilling his civil obligations. In Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer, Tillman rejects a successful football career to join the Army after being deeply disturbed by the September 11, 2011, terrorist attack. I never thought a book with so much war and politics could be so heart-wrenching. Although I did not like the political aspects of the book, I was moved by the story. John Krakauer’s writing style, however, made me have my ups and downs throughout the book. Regardless of the negative details, I love this book. I have never felt more connected to a book assigned as a school assignment.

I am not the kind of person that likes lies, double motives, and violence, so naturally, I do not politics and war. Obviously with the storyline’s setting taking place in Afghanistan, war and politics would be inevitable. During the exposition of the story when the background and history of the war was revealed, I felt so bored. Then towards the end, the deceiving actions taken by the U.S. Government and Army made me immensely ashamed. The particular fact that the military and government hid and twisted that Pat Tillman was killed because of friendly fire made me feel angry and disappointed. Despite my strong feelings against war and politics, I am aware that this is a book about a hero’s time in Afghanistan, so I am able to ...

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... I was exposed to this book. Being a school assignment, I thought that Where Men Win Glory would be another ho-hum tale about the typical hero in a typical conflicted situation. I was fortunately proved wrong because this was one of the most moving books I have read. Although it consisted of more politics than I would like and the writing technique of Jon Krakauer uncreative, the journal entries from the hero himself and statements from those who knew Pat Tillman best pulled on my heart strings and made this an emotional, inspirational story that I will not soon forget. I would absolutely recommend this book. I think that everyone should read this book at some point in their life because everyone has a different idea of what “glory” is. Where Men Win Glory takes the reader through Pat Tillman’s, NFL star turned fallen comrade, unquestioned success in achieving Glory.
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