Where Does Leigh Anne Identify A Strength In Michael

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Reaction Paper 1. How does Leigh Anne identify a strength in Michael? What does she see that others do not? Leigh Anne sees that Michael is a good kid. He is caring, respectful, and protective. He loves his mom so much even though he knows she has her problems. He will always watch over her because he cares so much about her. He is also very respectful. He never asks for more food or more clothes or more of anything for that matter. One thing that stood out to me is that at Thanksgiving when the whole family sat on the couches to watch the game and eat, Michael sat politely at the dinner table just out of respect for his family. Finally, Leigh Anne sees that Michael is protective. He will do anything to protect the people he loves. For example with SJ in the car accident. Michael protected SJ from the air bags and saved SJ’s life. Also, when Michael and Leigh Anne went into the bad part of town he told her to just stay by him and he would protect her. 2. Leaders draw out the best in others how does Leigh Anne do this?…show more content…
She takes him in and gives him a bed, which is something he has never had before. Also, she gives him new clothes and most importantly she helped him do better in school. Another way she draws out the best in him is by one layer at a time. Michael is like an onion. He has many layers to him, and is not a quick learner. He has to go slow, and take his time, so he understands it. Also, he is not the most outgoing person, in fact, he barely even talked at all at the beginning. Leigh Anne was able to get him to open up, and by the end he was a lot more comfortable talking to his family and other
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