Where Do We Begin?

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Week 2’s goal is to continue to build-up endurance, reinforcing proper techniques and developing good habits. You will increase your speed, resistance, and power. Your duration will advance from 50 minutes to 65 minute sessions over the next seven days. There will be emphasis on moderate level intensity as you enhance your aerobic activity, increasing your endurance and your lung capacity, while burning off stored fat. If you are looking to mix it up off the preset programs, here is one quick double hill program that you can add once a week. The Double Rolling Hill Workout: (60 min) Use the manual mode on the machine. If using a machine with moveable handles, push and pull with effort, vary the grip from middle to the top of the handles as this will work different areas of the back, 1. Pedal forward to warm up for 4 minutes (Resistance 1-2); 2. Speed up to raise your heart rate and continue for 5 more minutes (Resistance 4); sprint for 15 to 30 seconds during this period; 3. Pedal backwards for 5 minutes (Resistance 6); 4. Pedal forward for 5 minutes (Resistance 8); sprint for 15 to 30 seconds during this period; 5. Pedal backwards at (Resistance 7) for 5 minutes; 6. Pedal forward for 3 minutes (Resistance 10); sprint for 15-30 seconds; 7. Pedal backward for 5 minutes (Resistance 8); 8. Pedal forward for 5 minutes (Resistance 6); 9. Pedal backward 5 minutes (Resistance 4); 10. Pedal forward 5 minutes (Resistance 6); 11. Pedal backward 3 minutes (Resistance 8); 12. Pedal forward 5 minutes (Resistance 6) 13. Pedal backward 5 minutes (Resistance 4). Try releasing the handles when on this lower intensity setting and stand straight up, this will add to your core abdominal workout. 14. Cool down for 5 more minutes This routine combi... ... middle of paper ... ...bably, beginning to show-up on the scale. Have you lost your first, 1-4 pounds since beginning this process? Your body, probably, hurts, but your metabolism is increasing and after this week your results will improve. Best of all, you are not at peak performance, when you hit that groove the pounds drop away. It is time to revisit your food diary, look to see what else appears that can shaved off? Perhaps, you will decide you don’t need that cappuccino, or desert, after all. Bobby strolled over to the desk looking proud as a peacock. “So, where have you been?” He was bubbling waiting for the question. “Well since you asked,” he emphasized the word ‘you’. “I was chatting with Luscious Lisa and she’s quite impressed with us.” His chest puffed out. “It looks like we have a Friday night date.” His eye brows wiggle, “Think we can go shopping for something new to wear?”
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